Ways Retailers Are Using Technology to Rethink In-Store Shopping

Many mortar-and-brick stores watch their profits crumble to the ground. However, they can rely on the internet to revive the situation. Free shipping from services like Wall-Mart ShippingPass and Amazon Prime has eased the online shopping experience. These days’ consumers are shying away from the physical store locations.

Most shoppers also prefer web stores. This is the reason why online shopping is growing immensely. According to recent research by the United States Commerce Department, online shopping has jumped stand at 15 percent of all shopping in the country. During that time, total sales also rose by 2.2 percent. Due to lack of profit, some companies are also shutting down their branches. Sears and Kmart are also in the process of closing down over 78 branches and locations countrywide.

However, small business owners and retailers are innovating better ways to make in-store shopping an one-of-a-kind shopping experience to prevent them from extinction. There is nothing like an e-commerce customer or a customer. All of them are customers. For this reason, they can just shop as they want. For a company to evolve and grow, it has to be relevant as a sense of urgency.

For most retailers, they understand that technology is the basis of retailing. This is the reason why most retailers take steps to stay relevant in technology. Let’s look at some retailer tactics coupled up with what they do to their advantage.

1. Interactive kiosks

Retailers want to have their physical stores turned into an engaging space through the incorporation of the shopping experience and physical elements that mimic the use of smartphones and computers. In some of the top stores, Macy tested some kiosks. These touch screen devices have some great performance in the provision of tourism markets. If you wish to shop solo, the kiosks can be an accurate fact. You can also get more information if you go to this website to learn more.

You can browse through information and merchandise to complete our transactions alone. Because there is no line, you can’t be forced to spend time waiting.

2. Creating a cell phone haven

Companies think that mobile users’ needs have to be met for them to spend much of their time in the stores. For this reason, they have come up with the use of free WiFi access in their stores as a way of targeting the people. Unless you have a fully-charged mobile phone, the WiFi access to the internet is not so good.

With the access to WiFi and a full battery, you can browse for favorite websites and compare product prices. You can also access your social media feed without depleting your data.

3. Web tools and apps

Almost all retailers have their free applications that can be used by shoppers in stores and at homes. Applications can also keep track of the reward points and coupons and specific stores. You can also get more information and reviews of products with some applications using the phone camera.

You will always expect shops and stores to work harder to improve your shopping experience as long as shops feel e-commerce sales down their necks.